1. casadabiqueira:

    The Hammock, Provincetown, Massachusetts.

    Joel Meyerowitz, 1982

  2. casadabiqueira:

    St. Louis

    Joel Meyerowitz, 1977

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  3. Newish designs #light #matter #information #energy #transformation #patterns #language #meaning #music #waves #time

  4. grigiabot:

    Vasil STANKO :: Untitled, 1991 

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  5. mpdrolet:

    From My Orient

    Matthew Leifheit

  7. mpdrolet:

    From Barrier Island Regression

    Matthew Stevenson

  8. likeafieldmouse:

    Giorgio Barrera - Through the Window (2002-9)

  12. patternbase:

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  13. magictransistor:

    Fred Lyon, Foggy Night, Lands End, 1953.

  14. skandaloseschonheit:

    Foto di Lala Aufsberg.

    Negli anni 1937 e 1938 Lala Aufsberg ha documentato i raduni del partito a Norimberga.

    In den Jahren 1937 und 1938 dokumentierte Lala Aufsberg die Reichsparteitage in Nürnberg.

  15. mpdrolet:

    Girl with Lamb, Kleinschwarzenlohe, 1934

    Lala Aufsberg